About Us

MJ Dunne Fuels, Tullamore.


Mj Dunne Tullamore



Here at M.J Dunne Fuels we are a local traditional family run business that is based in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

We are currently operating with more than 30 years in business with a very strong reputation in the solid fuel business. The company was established by Mick Dunne and has been running very successful since.

We pride ourselves with an exceptional customers satisfaction and outstanding quality products. We ensure you get the very best service and efficient deliveries on time.

Here at M.J Dunne Fuels we distribute all kinds of home heating fuels including coal, gas, briquettes and firewood. Our M.J Dunne home heating trucks are always available in your area with a very prompt delivery service!


We offer a wide range of quality products which include:

  • Ecoblaze hardwood Briquettes
  • Coal
  • Air Dried Logs
  • Fire Logs
  • Wood Logs
  • Kiln Dried Kindling
  • Wood Pellets
  • Home Heating Gas