M.J Dunne Solid Fuel / Coal Merchant

Briquettes, Firelogs and Firepaks

M.J. Dunne and Sons stock a range of Quality Eco friendly products. Bord na Móna Firepak Smokeless Long burn time...

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Coal Range for Stoves and Open Fires

M.J. Dunne & Sons offer a full range of coal in handy pre-pack sizes of 20kg or 40kg. We stock...

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Smokeless Coal Range

    Here at M.J. Dunne Fuels we supplied a wide range of smokeless fuels available from our top Bord na...

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Wood Logs and Kindling

At M.J Dunne and Sons in Tullamore we supply a variety of Bord na Móna wood fuel products. These have...

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Our Products

  Here at M.J. Dunne Fuels we are proud to offer a broad variety of products here in store, including stove fuel, wood range, coal and eco briquettes. Our products include the following:   Our Wood Range: Kiln Dried Hardwood...

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Tullamore’s Fuel Merchant

Welcome to M.J Dunne Fuels, Tullamore.


M.J. Dunne Fuels,Tullamore is a local, traditional family run business who have committed their hard work and time into creating a successful business and a strong relationship with all our customers. Spanning 2 generations, we offer you the very best customer service, high quality products and prompt deliveries. We are professional home fuel suppliers based in Tullamore, Co Offaly and we deliver our products efficiently to your home by our friendly staff on time, our delivery trucks are always available in your area.  Our products range anywhere from coal, briquettes, timber logs and wood pellets.


Our Products include:
  • Wood pellets.
  • Wide selection of wood range products.
  • Variety of coal and smokeless coal products.
  • Eco-Briquettes
  • All types of gas
  • Salt



M.J. Dunne Fuels, Tullamore


For more information call into us here in store today or call us on 087 2631097.